White LED Light Navigation Compass Boat Safe

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White LED Light Navigation Compass Boat Safe

·         Condition: 100% new

·         Main Color: White & Blue

·         Material: ABS

·         Size: approx.11.5x9.5x13.8cm(4.53x3.74x5.43inch)(LxWxH)

·         Suitable for: Confirming navigation directions

·         Compatible with: fit for boat or car

·         Item included: 1 x Compass (Include mounting accessories and double-sided tape)


1) 100% new and high quality.

2) The compass, electric wire LED lights, magnetic declination adjustment plectrum, double-sided tape.

3) Outdoor travel compass, vehicle-mounted compass, Marine navigational compass, gift compass.

4) The pointing direction of the compass is same with the way forward of the vehicles..

5) It can guide the car or boat very convenient..

Use Caution:

1) Used in the horizontal state,the direction cannot be indicated correctly in the vertical and inclined states..

2) Keep away from the strong magnetic zone when using it, otherwise it may not indicate the direction correctly, even change the magnetism of the compass.The reference indicators are as follows:More than 10 meters from the barbed wireMore than 55 meters from the high voltage lineMore than 20 meters from the car or aircraft;More than 10 meters from objects containing strong magnets, such as various magnets, external magnetic speakersMore than 0.5 meters from magnetically weaker objects such as magnetic snaps, etc.

3) The appropriate ambient temperature for the compass is approximately -10 to +60 degrees, otherwise the compass will not properly referShow direction, and even burst.

4) When viewing or detecting a compass, the distance between the compass and the item (magnetic) must be more than 10 cmAbove, otherwise compass pointing will be affected..