85mm Waterproof Digital GPS Speedometer Gauge MPH Knots Km/h Adjusted + GPS Antenna for Boat Safe

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85mm Waterproof TFT Screen Digital GPS Speedometer Odometer Trip COG ODO Voltmeter 9-32V with GPS Antenna Sensor Boat Auto Gauge


- SOG: Speed over the ground
- TRIP: Single mileage, reset after power failure
- ODO: Accumulated mileage, save when power off
- COG: heading, clockwise angle of true north
- Battery voltage: 9~32V
- Navigation pointer: 8 directions.
- Can freely switch kont, mph, km/h speed unit

Working environment:

Working voltage: 9~32VDC
Working current: <120mA
Working temperature:-20~70C
Storage temperature:-30~80C
Waterproof rating: IP67

Input parameters:

GPS signal
GPS antenna length is 3 meters, length can be customized


1.Black wire: negative pole of power supply (-)
2.Red wire: 9~32VDC

Package Included:

1 x GPS Speedometer
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Instruction manual